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As an ULTRAViewer REWARDS CARD user you will receive points for every dollar you spend at our Box Office and Concession Stand. These points will earn you great prizes like: Free Popcorn and Candy, Concession vouchers, and of course Free Movies.

The ULTRAViewerClub REWARDS CARD is our way of saying thank you for attending our theater. The employees of UltraStar know that moviegoers, like yourself, have a lot of choices out there. That is why we remain committed to giving our guests a great movie going experience at an affordable price. The ULTRAViewerClub REWARDS CARD is just another way for us to reward you.

ITS AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3.

1. Purchase your ULTRAViewer REWARDS CARD at the Box Office for $5.00 or earn FREE UVC REWARDS CARD after completing a UVC STAR CARD with 5 visits to any UltraStar Cinemas.

You may now also purchase your ULTRAViewer REWARDS CARD online!


2. Present your UVC REWARDS CARD at the Box Office and Concession stand each time you purchase your tickets and concessions. The cashier will swipe your UVC REWARDS CARD and add the purchase to your account. 1 point for each dollar at the Box Office and 2 points for each dollar spent at the Concession stand.

3. When ever you reach pre determined reward level you will automatically receive the reward voucher.



  • You earn points for every dollar you spend. 2 points at our concession stand for every dollar!!!
  • The Rewards Card Program offers better rewards than the old UVC stamp card program.
  • You can earn points for purchases for all the tickets and concession you purchase for family and friends.
  • Registered UVC Reward Card members get additional special offers and invitations to special events at UltraStar Cinemas.
  • UVC Reward Card members can use their card at other participating merchants to earn discounts and point in that merchants program.
  • Points never expire.

    Why Register?

  • You get 50 points added to your account.
  • You can link a phone number to your card so that you can still earn points even if you forget your card. Also protects owner from lost cards.
  • You become eligible for special offers & discounts.
  • You can view your account balances on line .

    What is SYNERGY?

  • This is the network that the cards are part of. It allows anyone with the Synergy logo to swipe a card for points at our theater.
  • UVC Reward Card members can use their card at other participating merchants to earn discounts and point in that merchants program.
  • Guests who use other merchant’s card at our location only earn ˝ the points as normal. They should upgrade to our card and get full points.
  • Guest can view a list of participating merchants on line.

    How do I get Rewards?

  • Purchase a new UVC REWARDS CARD NOW for only $5.00 - Get 50 points when you register online.
  • Use the FREE Star Card below to earn a FREE UVC Rewards Card after 5 visits.
  • Old UVC card holders can finish their Old UVC card and get the free movie + a Free UVC Rewards card when they redeem a complete card.
  • Old UVC card holders can purchase a New Rewards Card and get a 10 pt credit for each stamp they have on the old card.

    Earn points for all your purchases at our box office and concession stands. Points automatically convert to rewards. Your card can be used at hundreds of participating Synergy Card locations.

  • Terms and Conditions


    Use of the UVC REWARDS CARD is governed by the terms and conditions of the program.

    All UltraStar guests are eligible to participate in the REWARDS CARD program. UltraStar employees and their immediate family members are not eligible. UltraStar Cinemas reserves the right to exclude others at its sole discretion.

    REWARDS CARDS must be purchased from our box office for $5.00 or earned FREE by completing a UVC STAR CARD stamp card with 6 unique visits to a participating UltraStar Cinema.

    The UVC REWARDS Card must be presented at the time of purchase. If a guest has registered online they may present their phone number as a substitute for the card. UltraStar Cinemas will not use or sell any phone numbers gathered during the registration process.

    All UVC REWARDS CARD transactions must be swiped on our UVC REWARDS CARD network. If the computer is inaccessible or the card swipe malfunctions, ticket stubs and receipts that have been signed by a manager may be presented with in 30 days to a manager for credit.

    Guests will earn 1 point for every dollar spent at the Box Office on Tickets and 2 points for every dollar spent at our Concessions Stand. Points for Gift Certificate sells will be rewards at 5 points per book purchased.

    Online users will earn 2 pts for every dollar spent on tickets and 3 points for concessions purchases. These points will be credited to the account within 2 days of purchase.

    Points are not transferable from one UVC REWARDS Card to another.

    UVC REWARDS CARD points have no cash value. Points can not be exchanged in any way other than for the pre determined Rewards.

    UVC REWARDS CARD point will not expire during the life of the REWARDS CARD program.

    UVC REWARDS CARD points cannot be combined with points from any other card including multiple cards held or used by the same guest or family

    UVC REWARDS CARD Coupons and offers are not valid in conjunction with other offers or coupons.

    A maximum of 125 point can be earned on any card in a single day.

    Guests must sign the reward voucher at time of redemption. All redeemed rewards are the property of UltraStar Cinemas. UVC REWARDS Card rewards do expire 6 months after the date of issue.

    UVC REWARD CARD rewards are subject to verification by UltraStar Cinemas management. Offers are void if they are altered, mutilated or illegible. The judgment of UltraStar Cinemas management is final.

    Free Passes Earned from UVC REWARDS CARDS are not valid for No Pass or Special Engagements.

    Concession Vouchers earned from the UVC REWARDS CARD have no cash value. Change will not be returned if used for less than amount of voucher.

    UltraStar Cinemas makes no endorsements about other companies that participate in the Synergy Network. We do not make any warranties to the offers or services they offer to Synergy Network users. UltraStar Cinemas is a participant in the Synergy Network and will accept any logo Synergy Card but will credit the points at ˝ of the normal earned rate.

    UltraStar reserves the right to discontinue, alter or amend this program at any time without liability to any user or member.